Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Online Card Class: CAS3 - Day 1

Hello everyone,
Thanks for visiting. This is my second time to be enrolled in the Online Card Classes but the first time to actually find the time to participate.

This is supposed to be clean and simple, but actually my card may look clean but it wasn't simple...hahaha.

All those hearts are from 9 different paper colors. Yup, I cut out the die 9 times. 

I placed all my die cuts in a container to save all the little insides of the dies, especially for the "love you"
I'm also thinking I can save the negatives for future cards. 

I found it quite relaxing fitting all the little hearts in the die like a puzzle. 

The hard part was after I cut out the "love you" the speech bubble was cut into 4 or even 5 pieces. 

but in the end, I think it worked out. Well, I made a second card and it was sooo much easier.

Thanks for stopping by.

Materials Used:
Simon Says Stamp: Stamp (You 3x4)
Simon Says Stamp: Die (You, Tic Tac Toe Hearts, Life Bubble Vertical 1)
Paper: Momenta Cardstock


  1. I LOVE this card!!! beautiful!

  2. Lots of scraps, but the resulting card is very beautiful! I like it! :-)
    Idea for the next time: you can die-cut the hearts once and then color them with a blending tool and ink, you can get effects like you have with your papers. Only negative point: you will not have so many pieces of paper for more cards ;-)

    1. Duh! Of course I could of done that. So much easier...hahaha...why didn't I think of that. Well my goal now is to make a bunch of cards out of those scraps. Next time Weibke... thanks for the idea.

  3. Love your card. The colors are fab. I ended up with enough leftovers to make 4 more cards.

    1. Thank you, Luckysmom. I think i'll get to make a bunch.. I mean a bunch of cards after this.