Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hello, my name is Lynn and I like to make things.

Hi everybody. This is my first blog post. It may be one of very few because I am home sick with the flu for three days now and have been very restless. I need to do something! My sister (and probably my only reader) encouraged me to participate in a couple of card making challenges. I like to create to the challenge but not so sure about posting to a blog. It is a long process, a lot of work and I don't like to write. I am sure my sister is editing my grammar in her head... sorry, sis.

It's in my history to create. I have all these ideas in my head, I have ink in my blood and if I could, I would own a craft & office supply store (yes, it's a great combination and it should exist) then work wouldn't feel like work.  I worked in printing, I was an art teacher, I was a kindergarten teacher, I've knitted, crocheted, painted, twisted balloons, face painted, scrapbooked, digital scrapbooked, PhotoShopped, ballroom danced (hey, that's creative exercise) rubber stamped and made jewelry with polymer clay. If I listed all the arts and craft supplies I own, well,  this would be a very long and boring post.

This is where the creativity begins as well as my computer. My sister stayed with me for a few weeks and she organized my creative area....well, you should of seen the before picture. Or is this the before picture and the after picture is what it looks like now?

When I can, I like to have some creative time for myself. This blog will help showcase my creativity.... I hope you enjoy! Hugs to all!

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